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As a dedicated mortgage broker in Manchester with over 20 years of experience, our mortgage advisors are committed to providing you with transparent and honest mortgage advice. Our goal is to find the best mortgage that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our mortgage advice in Manchester goes beyond the city, but extends to the surrounding areas as well. To find out more about the areas that we cover, please refer to our ‘Areas Covered’ button. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are confident that our mortgage advisors in Manchester can find the perfect mortgage for you.

Mortgage Advice in Altrincham

Just 3 miles away from the city centre and home of Manchester Storm and Altrincham Aces, lies a market town called Altrincham, known to be a commuter town for the big city. In this small town, you will find many landmarks and attractions with plenty of transportation links, so if you love lively communities, this location could be perfect for you. Find out more about your Mortgage Broker in Altrincham today.

Mortgage Broker in Altrincham

Mortgage Advice in Ashton under Lyne

There are many things to keep you occupied in Ashton under Lyne, you can take a trip to the local museum or farm, shop around the indoor market or even go skating at the Ashton under Lyne rink if you are up to it. Alongside these activities, you can also enjoy peaceful walks or even visit Hartshead Pike Tower.

You should do more research into Ashton under Lyne, it's a very historical and interesting town. If Ashton under Lyne sounds like the sort of place that you could see yourself settling down in, don't hesitate to get in touch with your Mortgage Advisor in Ashton under Lyne today.

Mortgage Broker in Ashton under Lyne

Mortgage Advice in Bolton

Bolton is a very lively town in Greater Manchester. It has a large population and is considered one of the most family-friendly places to live. It's an ideal place for all ages! You'll find halls to visit, walks to embark on and small riverside cafes dotted around the outskirts of the town. If you have a head full of nature, you will love Bolton. It also holds home to calm cafes and vibrant bars, plus it's only 11 miles from Manchester city centre.

Your Mortgage Broker in Bolton operates in Manchester and surrounding areas, so if Bolton appeals to you, make sure to get in touch and we can assist you along your moving home journey.

Mortgage Broker in Bolton

Mortgage Advice in Bramhall

Bramhall has a lot to offer. If you are looking for low property prices in a suburban town in Greater Manchester, Bramhall could be for you. Bramhall is also home to the wonderful and historic Bramhall Hall.

Looking at purchasing a property in Bramhall? You should approach a Mortgage Broker in Bramhall like us and receive a free mortgage consultation. Let's help you get mortgage ready!

Mortgage Broker in Bramhall

Mortgage Advice in Bury

In-between Bolton and Rochdale resides the large market town Bury. With its £1.3 million commitment to walkers and cyclers, you sure will see lots of grat trails and tracks dotted around sooner or later. The town is known for it's great views and lively local residents. Bury has a great atmosphere and always hosts events in the town centre for you to go to.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Bury and are looking for help from a Mortgage Broker in Bury, just know that we are here to help.

Mortgage Broker in Bury

Mortgage Advice in Cheadle

Cheadle is one of the larger villages in Greater Manchester. Cheadle has that local, friendly feel to it yet still seems to draw parts from the city. This is mainly because of it's transport links; Cheadle is just off the M60 which is really handy for travel.

It partners with Cheadle Hulme, which is just south-east of the village. This village could suit you better as it is a tiny bit smaller and slightly quieter. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Cheadle or Cheadle Hulme, feel free to get in touch with us, your Mortgage Broker in Cheadle will be happy to help.

Mortgage Broker in Cheadle

Mortgage Advice in Cheetham Hill

Cheetham Hill is a small residential area that sits right outside of Manchester's city centre. It's filled with all different kinds of restaurants and shops. It also homes the Manchester Fort Shopping Park.

The Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester hosts an Irish Festival every year in Cheetham Hill, an event like this shows what a lively atmosphere the area has.

If you like to be close in on the city action, then Cheetham Hill could be for you. With a bus ride away from the city centre, a property in Cheetham Hill could be the best option for you. As an experienced Mortgage Broker in Cheetham Hill, we know just how to help you in this local area.

Mortgage Broker in Cheetham Hill

Mortgage Advice in Cheshire

Cheshire is a large county in north-west England. Cheshire is known for its small, rural villages. Although these villages are further out from the city, they are great getaway locations and will never fail to offer that fresh country air experience.

There are hundreds of things to do around Cheshire. You may find yourself at Chester Zoo, Tatton Park, Chester Cathedral, Gulliver's World Theme Park or a country house for a quiet walk. You will never get bored in this county!

As a Mortgage Broker in Cheshire, we know that finding a mortgage that is right for you can be hard, and that's exactly why we want to offer a helping hand. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Mortgage Broker in Cheshire

Mortgage Advice in Chorley

For a small town in Lancashire, Chorley is a very lively and atmospheric place to live. It's packed with local pubs, shops and markets.

There are some beautiful views around Chorley, especially in the countryside around White Coppice, Heapey and Anglezarke. Even though Chorley is located in the countryside, it still has strong transport links to Manchester, Liverpool and Blackburn.

Contact your Mortgage Broker in Chorley for expert mortgage advice, we will help you get the ball rolling with your mortgage application in Chorley.

Mortgage Broker in Chorley

Mortgage Advice in Chorlton

Chorlton is only located 3 miles south-west of Manchester. Being this close to the city allows you to experience the great city life that Manchester offers. There is a large variety of housing types in Chorlton, ranging from flats, terraced, semi-detached and even larger single build houses.

Manchester United's home ground Old Trafford is not too far from Chorlton, in fact, it's right around the corner. So, if you are a fan of the red devils, living in Chorlton could suit you and your crazy football mania lifestyle quite nicely! (The writer would like to point out that they are a Liverpool fan, so as you can imagine, they can think of countless places to live that are very far away from Old Trafford)

If you need a Mortgage Broker in Chorlton, make sure that you get in touch and we can help you secure your dream home in Chorlton.

Mortgage Broker in Chorlton

Mortgage Advice in Didsbury

Didsbury is a suburban area on the outskirts of Manchester. It's known to be one of the most sought-after places to live in Manchester and that's one of the reasons why it's so expensive. You'll find a lot of large family homes in Didsbury, yet only a handful of apartment blocks and terraced housing.

Didsbury has wide, tree-lined streets filled with huge, traditional houses. Sometimes these housing prices can reach up to seven figures!

For expert mortgage advice in didsbury, get in touch with your expert mortgage broker today. Securing a mortgage for a property that is worth a lot of money can often be hard, so let us help you move into that dream home!

Mortgage Broker in the Didsbury

Mortgage Advice in Droylsden

Droylsden is a small town 4 miles east of Manchester. Due to its affordable housing and lively atmosphere, Droylsden has become quite the hotspot for First Time Buyers in Manchester.

The town has amazing transport links! Due to the extension of the Metrolink, you can now access Manchester's city centre in just under 20 minutes. This is perfect for anyone who loves to get a breath of the city air.

Droylsden is also a really safe place to live, making it an ideal location for family life. There are also both local and high street shops available at your leisure in the town centre.

If you are planning to move somewhere like Droylsden, it may be the best idea to speak to a Moving Home Mortgage Advisor in Droylsden.

Mortgage Broker in Droylsden

Mortgage Advice in Eccles

Eccles is a town in Greater Manchester that is part of the City of Salford. It's a big town with a lot of history and a lot of different things to do!

Being located right next to the Trafford Centre has made Eccles one of the most popular places to live in Manchester. In fact, it was voted as the property hot spot of 2020. Rightmove saw housing prices in Eccles shoot up in early 2020; everyone wants to live in this lively town. House prices may be a little more expensive, however, if you have the money, Eccles is the perfect place to live.

There are a handful of highly-rated schools, huge shopping outlets, parks, outdoor and indoor attractions - too many too count. We can't forget to mention Manchester United's home turf, Old Trafford is just a 10-minute drive away! We can see all of you football fanatics loving this location already (maybe not so much if you prefer a blue manchester kit).

If you love your local yet lively towns, Eccles could be the perfect choice for you.

Mortgage Broker in Eccles

Mortgage Advice in Failsworth

Failsworth is a great place to live. It's considered to be one of the nicest areas to live around Manchester.

Failsworth is a small town yet still has lots of things to offer. There are lots of nice walks dotted around Failsworth, for example, you'll find the Daisy Nook Country Park which is home to waterside walks and fishing spots. The town centre also has a lot of different things to see and do. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops all within walking distance of one another.

There are strong transport links to the Manchester City Centre and Oldham in Failsworth, so you'll have no problem accessing that city action! Hopefully, Failsworth sounds like the place that you're looking for. To find out more about how we can help you move home in Failsworth, head over to our Mortgage Advice page via the button below.

Mortgage Broker in Failsworth

Mortgage Advice in Farnworth

Farnworth is situated North West of Manchester and just south of Bolton - the perfect location for someone who wants easy access to the city life. Farnworth also has links with Wigan and Bury which are two other larger cities in Greater Manchester.

Farnworth itself underwent a large-scale transformation in 2019 to accommodate for more residential areas. This has since led to First Time Buyers and Home Movers being interested in the area. Over 200 modern homes have been built in the Market Precinct too.

You'll find plenty of things to do in Farnworth, from bars and restaurants to country park walks, there is something for everyone in Farnworth. You should also check out the Moses Gate Country Park, it's a lovely place to go, even if you are just passing by.

Farnworth is a friendly, local town that could be the perfect place for you to move to. If you are thinking about Moving Home in Farnworth, make sure to get in touch with our team.

Mortgage Broker in Farnworth

Mortgage Advice in Glossop

Glossop, situated on the Peak District boarder, is a small market town located just outside of Manchester. Some may even consider it to be within Derbyshire.

Livng next door to the Peak District can have bonuses. There are plenty of country walks and hikes just miles away from the centre of the town. It's a calm and quiet town, yet still has a lively, local feel to it.

Property is affordable in Glossop. It's a great location for First Time Buyers. It can be daunting deciding where to buy your first home, however, if you're living in Manchester but want a quieter place to live, Glossop could be perfect for you.

Glossop has strong transport links with Manchester, therefore, if you work in the city, getting to and from work is no issue. You can drive to Glossop in appoximately an hour and get the train within 30 minutes!

Mortgage Broker in Glossop

Mortgage Advice in Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove is a popular suburban town in Stockport, Greater Manchester. It sits off the A6 with a direct route to the peak district.

There are many perks to living in a place like Hazel Grove. It is seen as one of the most sought after places in Greater Manchester; having great schools, colleges and a high level of job opportunity due it's strong transport links to the city centre.

Hazel Grove is a great place for families, therefore, if you are starting a family or already have one, it could be perfect for you. You'll find leisure clubs, theatres, cinemas and even a roller skate and trampoline park (not in the same place!). You can also enjoy the local country parks in Hazel Grove, some examples include Lyme Park, Torkington Park and Bramhall Park. All of these parks provide amazing countryside walks and views for you to enjoy. They all hold seasonal events too, which are great for families!

Hazel Grove's property prices vary, it all depends of the area of your choice. If you are interested in moving home to Hazel Grove, we are here to help you start your mortgage process.

Mortgage Broker in Hazel Grove

Mortgage Advice in Hyde

With an approximate population of 35,000, Hyde is vibrant suburban area in Greater Manchester. Having four train stations linking to central Manchester gives the area a strong connection to the city centre. It's linked to the large areas Glossop, Denton and Ashton through main roads, making the location very accessible.

Over recent years, Hyde has become increasingly popular amongst home buyers, with people noticing the affordable housing rates, transport links and great schools and colleges. There are also many different things to do in the centre of Hyde. There's a variety of high street shops, cafes, restaurants and bars; take your pick! The centre has been revamped to invite all different types of people to the area.

The area of Hyde is particularly popular with younger First Time Buyers in Manchester, although, you will still find older residents within the area. If you're looking for a lively area to move to, take a look at Hyde in Manchester!

Mortgage Broker in Hyde

Mortgage Advice in Irlam

There are many business and industrial parks with many regional shops and small businesses. Irlam has some of the few remaining farms and natural habitats across Manchester and one of the largest green belt areas.

At the heart of the district, you will find transport links. Trains frequently run to Manchester and Liverpool and any destinations in between.

As well as having frequent bus services, cycle routes and national/international flights available from Manchester airport, that's within easy reach.

With many homes across the district offer an excellent selection of new and existing properties for all different home buyers, and the neighbourhood benefits from an extensive education provision across all age groups.

If Irlam sounds like the ideal location to purchase a property, make sure to get in touch and speak with one of our expert Mortgage Advisors in Irlam today.

Mortgage Broker in Irlam

Mortgage Advice in Knutsford

Located 14 miles south-west of Manchester is a market town called Knutsford. Knutsford is ideal for those working in the cities looking for a rural location to live with plenty of amenities and good transport links.

Suppose this location could be perfect. With excellent schools, a wide variety of property styles, and an established bar and restaurant scene, Knutsford is a great option for first time buyers looking to settle down. Find out more and speak to an experienced Mortgage Advisor in Knutsford today.

Mortgage Broker in Knutsford

Mortgage Advice in Middleton

Known for the quality and pride of its heritage of buildings notable people, and nicknamed 'Golden Cluster', Middleton is located south of Greater Manchester.

Historically rural, Middleton is now largely suburban, with two large leafy estates. This quiet village is perfect for those who prefer a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by architectural heritage. If you need a Mortgage Broker in Middleton, make sure that you get in touch, and we can help you secure your dream home in Middleton.

Mortgage Broker in Middleton

Mortgage Advice in Oldham

Known for its historical charm and architectural heritage, Oldham, offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle amidst a backdrop of industrial history, making it an attractive place to call home. If you're looking for a unique blend of heritage and affordability, consider speaking with one of our mortgage advisors in Oldham for more information.

Mortgage Broker in Oldham

Mortgage Advice in Prestwich

Prestwich, a suburb offers a blend of suburban tranquility and easy access to the city, making it an ideal choice for those who value a quieter community atmosphere while still enjoying the amenities and opportunities of a major city.

Mortgage Broker in Prestwich

Mortgage Advice in Radcliffe

Radcliffe, provides a serene and welcoming community, making it a great choice for those seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle with excellent access to urban amenities.

Mortgage Broker in Radcliffe

Mortgage Advice in Rochdale

Rochdale, a town with a rich industrial heritage, offers a unique combination of history, affordable living, and access to natural beauty, making it an appealing place for those who value a diverse and dynamic community.

Mortgage Broker in Rochdale

Mortgage Advice in Saddleworth

Saddleworth, a picturesque area on the outskirts of Greater Manchester, beckons with its stunning landscapes, rural charm, and a close-knit community. If you seek a tranquil yet vibrant village lifestyle amid breathtaking natural beauty, Saddleworth is the place to call home.

Mortgage Broker in Saddleworth

Mortgage Advice in Salford

Salford, part of the Greater Manchester area, offers a dynamic urban environment, rich cultural offerings, and a close proximity to Manchester city center, making it an excellent choice for those who want to live in a vibrant city with diverse opportunities and experiences.

Mortgage Broker in Salford

Mortgage Advice in Stockport

Stockport, a town provides a perfect balance of urban amenities and natural beauty. With its historic architecture, excellent transport links, and beautiful green spaces, Stockport is an ideal place for those who seek a diverse and convenient lifestyle.

Mortgage Broker in Stockport

Mortgage Advice in Stretford

Stretford, offers a vibrant urban lifestyle with excellent transport connections and proximity to major attractions, making it an appealing choice for those who value convenience and accessibility in a thriving community.

Mortgage Broker in Stretford

Mortgage Advice in Swinton

Swinton, provides a cozy suburban environment with a strong sense of community. If you're looking for a peaceful residential area with convenient access to Manchester, Swinton offers a friendly neighborhood atmosphere that's ideal for families and individuals seeking a quieter way of life.

Mortgage Broker in Swinton

Mortgage Advice in Trafford

Trafford is part of Greater Manchester and includes the areas of Altrincham, Partington, Sale, Stretford, Urmston and is home to the iconic Manchester United F.C and Lancashire County Cricket Club. Trafford also has a wide range of affordable terraced and semi-detached properties to choose from, and it is just 15 minutes from the city centre.

The Trafford area has a long heritage, evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Roman activity. Amongst the relics of the past are two castles – one of them an Ancient Monument.

But there is so much more at your doorstep - a wide range of bars, award-winning food scene, beautiful scenery, parks, extreme sports and reasonable extension of the Metrolink line commuting from Trafford to Manchester City Centre.

Are you looking to settle down and start a family? From primary school right the way through to secondary and A-Levels, Trafford has an abundance of brilliant choices. Don't hesitate to contact your Mortgage Advisor in Trafford today for more information.

Mortgage Broker in Trafford

Mortgage Advice in Urmston

Urmston is ideal for families looking to move to the leafy suburb. Having a great selection of schools and affordable housing, with plans on the horizon.

It is home to the Trafford Centre, a large shopping mall located just off the M60, and situated in the town centre, Eden Square shopping centre lies. There are a variety of independent retailers and chain stores and amenities such as leisure centres, parks, and golf courses.For expert Mortgage Advice in Urmston, get in touch with your expert Mortgage Broker today

Mortgage Broker in Urmston

Mortgage Advice in Warrington

With affordable housing to suit everyone's preferences, Warrington is undoubtedly the place to be. There's so much to do and one thing is for sure - you will never get bored moving to Warrington.

This town has a variety of areas for shopping including a retail park. Another popular thing to do is going to the local Warrington Market, home to many independent traders who sell everything you need.

There's no denying that Warrington has many industrial links to manufacturing history, however, the town is so much more than that, it's also home to some good sports.

Woolston Park and Walton Hall and Gardens are among the most tranquil and beautiful places to be close by if you want to move somewhere away from the busy city life.

Best of all, it has some good transport links including bus and train facilities. Not to mention, Moore Nature Reserve is just a 13-minute drive away and is a fantastic little place to walk through and explore.

Mortgage Broker in Warrington

Mortgage Advice in Westhoughton

Located 21 KM northwest of Manchester lies a quiet town and civil parish called Westhoughton. On top of having many historical links, this town incorporates several former villages and hamlets, each with distinctive character, sports traditions and amenities.

If you plan to move somewhere like Westhoughton, it may be the best idea to speak to a Moving Home Mortgage Advisor in Westhoughton.

Mortgage Broker in Westhoughton

Mortgage Advice in Whitefield

With new housing development going up, a burst of bars, a large variety of restaurants and small businesses, it's no wonder why young families and professionals are flocking to Whitefield's. It's said to be one of North Manchester's most desirable places to live.

On the border of Whitefield stands beautiful parks, with rich woodland, dense undergrowth, wildflowers and a public pathway. These are wonderful places for artists or an admirer of nature. If you have young children, you may enjoy visiting the former estate's barn. Here you will find a activity centre where various workshops are held throughout the year.

Whitefield has two Metrolink stations making it easy to get to town and back, or if you prefer, you can enjoy a short drive of 5.7 miles into town. This area is also close to junction 17 of the M60, one of the busiest motorway junctions in Manchester.

To learn more about how we can help you move home in Whitefield, head over to our Mortgage Advice page via the button below.

Mortgage Broker in Whitefield

Mortgage Advice in Worsley

Worsley is one of the more affluent areas of greater Manchester. If you love your quiet walk and talks, you'll feel at home here. There are canals, woodland trails and local parks all at your leisure. If you are looking to settle down and get away from the city life, Worsley could be a great option for you.

Your Mortgage Broker in Worsley is here to help you secure your dream home in Worsley.

Mortgage Broker in Worsley

Mortgage Advice in Wigan

Wigan is one of largely populated suburban town outside of Manchester. If you love your Rugby, Wigan could be a great place for you to live in Greater Manchester as it's the home to Wigan Warriors. The team is one of the two of Manchester's Rugby League teams.

If you are looking for a lively, friendly town outside of Manchester then Wigan could be for you. Speak to your Mortgage Broker in Wigan today.

Mortgage Broker in Wigan

Mortgage Advice in Wythenshawe

Described as one of the greenest areas of the city, Wythenshawe is known for its stunning parks and large areas of woodlands. Heading over to the other side of Wythenshawe, you'll find Manchester's International Airport, so if you love your travelling, this location could be perfect for you. Find out more about your Mortgage Broker in Wythenshawe today.

Mortgage Broker in Wythenshawe

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