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First Time Buyer Mortgages

By Malcolm Davidson & The Team at Manchestermoneyman

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Manchester & Surrounding Areas –

Buying a house for the first time can seem like a daunting prospect and due to the competition in the market, first time buyers can feel under a lot of pressure with Estate Agents to secure a property –
This is where we can help – we are here to help you through every step of the way.

Whether you are buying on your own, with a partner, relative or got a more complex mortgage situation then we can help.  As an experienced Mortgage Broker in Manchester, we are here to recommend the Best Mortgage Deal for you.

Whether you are wanting an idea of how much you can borrow, already viewing properties, have found a property, had your offer accepted, wanting an agreement in principle, or run into problems – we’d love to help.

First Time Buyer Mortgages – All Situations Considered
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First Time Buyer Mortgage Scenarios:

  • Are you looking to buy soon and wanting an idea of how much you can borrow?
  • Are you wanting an idea of how much your mortgage repayments will be?
  • Have you seen the house you would like and want to make an offer?
  • Have you had your offer accepted and wanting to start your mortgage application?
  • Are you currently viewing houses and wanting a Mortgage Agreement in Principle to back up any offers you make?
  • Have you been declined or refused a mortgage by your bank? i.e. credit score, won’t lend enough, criteria etc
  • Have you got a complicated or unusual mortgage situation and wanting help?

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First Time Buyer Mortgages in Manchester
By Manchestermoneyman – LOCAL Mortgage Broker

As part of our FREE First Time Buyer Mortgage Consultation we can look at:

  1. Working out your monthly mortgage budget based on your property price
  2. We will produce a Mortgage Agreement in Principle so you are able to back up any offers you make with the Estate Agent
  3. Completing your mortgage application through to receiving your mortgage offer
  4. Explain the different types of property survey that are available to you
  5. Recommend a local competitively priced Solicitor with high service standards (if required)
  6. Run through your mortgage offer to ensure all the details are correct
  7. Also, we are able to recommend any associated insurances with your new mortgage (if required)

Deposit Required

You are able to buy a property with as little as 5% deposit, this can be from your own savings or even a gifted deposit from a friend or family member, or a mixture of gift and savings – Want to know more about this? Please get in touch.

We are NOT tied to Estate Agents… 

Unlike a lot of other Mortgage Brokers, we are not tied to Estate Agents so we work for only you, with your interests at heart.

Help to Buy Mortgage Advice Scheme

Currently renting?

Often, getting a mortgage can work out cheaper than your rent – we are able to help you calculate the difference in rent v’s mortgage payments.

Also, have you thought about buying off your Landlord, this can be relatively simple with a mortgage broker like us if you can get a price agreed.

Are you confused about the different types of Mortgage Products available?

This is where we can help you…  We are able to recommend the most suitable mortgage product for your personal situation.  Whether this is a new fixed rate mortgage deal, a tracker mortgage, or an offset mortgage deal.  We are able to recommend either a Repayment mortgage or an Interest Only Mortgage depending on your personal situation.   Are you wanting Mortgage Advice in Manchester?  Please read more about different mortgage types on our site…

Are you looking to buy your Council House? (Right to Buy)

Right to Buy Mortgage Advice … Have you got your price back from the Council? If so, we can help with your purchase and provide help and guidance throughout the whole application process!

Having Problems & Complicated Mortgage Situations?

HAVING PROBLEMS with First Time Buyer Mortgages? – We may be able to help!

Often, clients who call have had difficulty one way or another with their bank or other high street mortgage lender. This can be down to many reasons:

1. Type of property being purchased
2. Your income structure and employment type i.e. self-employed
3. Buying off or with a family member
4. Buying undervalue
5. Bank declined or won’t lend enough
6. Buying off your landlord
7. Something else … read more here 

If this is the case, it is important that you don’t keep trying lots of other lenders without being 100% sure of their strict lending criteria as this will have a negative impact on your credit score and may well harm your chances of getting a mortgage altogether.

We are able to use our experience and knowledge to place your application with the most suitable mortgage lender based on your personal situation – We aim to be RIGHT FIRST TIME !!

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First Time Buyer Mortgages in Manchester & Surrounding Areas
Experienced Mortgage Broker in Manchester
First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice
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