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Can I Remortgage and Extend The Term in Manchester?

Homeowners in Manchester may consider remortgaging for various reasons. While researching this option, you can discover a great deal of information on our website and online.

From releasing equity to funding home improvements, there are numerous options available for homeowners. However, one less-discussed possibility is extending your mortgage term through remortgaging in Manchester.

Why would I remortgage in Manchester to extend my term?

Your mortgage term dictates the duration over which you repay your mortgage, as outlined in your agreement with the lender. Typically, terms span 25 to 30 years, offering both stability and long-term financial commitment.

As you progress through your mortgage journey, keeping up with payments may become challenging, especially if expenses rise. Extending your mortgage term through remortgaging allows for spreading out payments over a longer period, reducing monthly instalments.

While this can increase your disposable income in the short term, it’s essential to note that extending the term also means paying more interest over time. Thus, while monthly payments may decrease, overall mortgage expenditure rises by the end of the extended term.

Can I remortgage in Manchester to extend my term if I’m borrowing more money?

Extending your mortgage term to access additional funds or release equity is indeed an option worth considering. Whether you’re aiming to finance home improvements or consolidate debt in Manchester, extending your mortgage term can facilitate these objectives.

However, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the long-term implications. While extending the term lowers monthly repayments, it results in paying more interest over the extended period.

Moreover, consolidating unsecured debts with your mortgage can put your home at risk if you struggle with repayments. Careful consideration is key. While monthly repayments may decrease, the overall repayment cost may rise due to the extended mortgage term.

When wouldn’t I be able to remortgage in Manchester and extend my term?

While eligibility criteria can differ among mortgage lenders, several factors may impact your ability to extend your mortgage term through remortgaging in Manchester. These factors encompass your age, mortgage type, and existing mortgage debts.

Should this option prove unfeasible, rest assured that alternative avenues exist to alleviate your monthly mortgage burden. Your committed mortgage advisor in Manchester will thoroughly assess your situation and explore suitable solutions to address your needs.

Can I remortgage in Manchester to extend the term of my interest-only mortgage?

Extending the term of your interest-only mortgage can pose challenges, as not all mortgage lenders offer this option. While some may consider it, they often require assurance of timely repayment of the lump sum of interest at the end of the term.

Moreover, interest-only mortgages are less common for residential properties in modern times, with repayment mortgages being the norm. They are more prevalent in buy to let properties, which come with their own set of challenges. Lenders may be hesitant to extend the term if the property is tenanted.

In such cases, considering a remortgage in Manchester to switch from an interest-only to a repayment mortgage may be the optimal solution. This transition allows you to repay both the capital and interest together.

We highly recommend speaking with a knowledgeable member of our remortgage advice team to explore your options before making any decisions. They can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific situation.

What if I want to reduce my term instead?

Alternatively, you might consider reducing your mortgage term, which is applicable across most mortgage scenarios. Unlike extending your term, this option entails paying back less overall but may result in higher monthly payments.

Alternatives to extending your term

Instead of opting for a remortgage to extend your term, you might explore alternative avenues to reduce your monthly expenses. Downsizing is one such option, involving selling your current property and moving into a smaller home, potentially resulting in a smaller mortgage and lower monthly payments.

Another possibility, available to homeowners over 55 with a property valued at £70,000 or more, is equity release in Manchester. This allows you to access tax-free funds from your home via a lifetime mortgage, either as a lump sum or periodic payments.

However, equity release may not be suitable for everyone. Homeowners over 50 also have options like retirement interest-only mortgages (RIOs) and term interest-only mortgages (TIOs), where the loan is repaid upon death or entering long-term care, with the property sold at that time.

A trusted later life mortgage advisor in Manchester can assess your situation and goals, offering tailored advice on the best course of action. They’ll help you understand the features and risks of equity release and lifetime mortgages, providing personalised illustrations to guide your decision-making process.

Date Last Edited: April 19, 2024

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