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Why Get Mortgage Advice in Manchester?

In this article, we explain why it’s wise to get mortgage advice.

Why it’s important

Have you ever purchased a cheap flight online and then tried to make a small change to your booking? I have and it was a really bad example of customer service. It’s normally something that should only take a few seconds. However, it results in extortionate fees being charged.

It turns out a product that you thought was cheap at the time actually has zero flexibility. In fact, it has ended up costing you a lot more, in the long run. In addition, you have all the stress of dealing with a call centre queuing system. 

For this purpose, had you utilised the expertise and knowledge of a reputable travel agent with caring employees, then your outcome may have been totally different. 

It can be the same in our world!

Mortgage advice in Manchester by Manchestermoneyman

Buying a new home is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make.  Therefore, having a local expert on your side will prove invaluable. 

Usually, the fixed rate that is advertised on tv or the internet, is not the final rate.  As with all advertising, it’s there to draw you in.  More attractive deals may be available. More often, these deals are aimed at customers with lots of equity, perfect credit ratings, employed, and a brilliant track history of paying. 

Seeking mortgage advice will explore your options and your recommendation will be personal to you.  Also, features such as a fixed rate of interest, offset options or variable rates for flexibility, may be recommended for you.

All products and deals have different rules and criteria. Factors such as employment, overpayment options, porting your mortgage to a different property.   Being a trusted mortgage broker in Manchester, it’s our job to know criteria inside out. 

The advantages of getting mortgage advice

In addition to being responsive, your mortgage advisor will shop around on your behalf. Mortgage advisors from your Bank will only offer you a mortgage from their own range. We’ll search thousands of deals to find the best one for you and your situation.

Likewise, we’re also there for help and support throughout your whole transaction. 
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