I had problems securing a mortgage with another broker and Manchester Moneyman was recommended to me. Previously the experience was bad – poor communications, no urgency, inaccurate information passed on to mortgage providers and generally not understanding my situation and how best to react to secure a mortgage letting things drag on for a ridiculous amount of time. Malcolm and his team came to see me and immediately I could tell he was in tune with my issues, provided some great guidance and encouraged me that due to my circumstances there were realistic options out there for us to follow up. I employed his Moneyman services and it was the best decision I’ve made. I was quickly advised of a suitable lender offering competitive fees and interest charges and this resulted in securing a mortgage in a good timeframe. All along the journey Malcolm and his team were impeccable with their customer service. Communications were excellent and responding to my queries and advice was spot on. I’m delighted with the outcome – I’m in my new home and I would not hesitate to use Moneyman services in future.

Date Last Edited: July 23, 2024