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How Do Buy to Let Mortgages in Manchester Work?

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some types of commercial or buy to let mortgages in Manchester.

Within the realm of mortgages, various paths await property purchasers, ranging from first-time homebuyers stepping onto the property ladder to homeowners exploring remortgaging, holiday lets, and HMOs.

The potential achievements on your mortgage journey depend on your unique situation. One specific area we frequently encounter when engaging with new or seasoned landlords is the buy-to-let mortgage in Manchester.

What is a buy to let purchase and mortgage in Manchester?

A buy to let property in Manchester is classified as an investment property, strictly intended for profit and not for personal residence. If you’ve previously lived in a privately rented property, it likely had a buy to let mortgage attached.

To qualify as a buy to let property in Manchester, it must be intentionally mortgaged with the landlord clearly indicating plans to rent it out. Monthly rent from tenants should cover the mortgage costs and provide additional income.

Am I eligible for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester?

Eligibility for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester involves considering factors like the type of property, your age, and whether you’re an experienced or first time buyer or landlord. Mortgage lenders primarily assess your affordability, minimum deposit requirements, and current credit score status.


To demonstrate eligibility, you must prove your affordability to the mortgage lender, often based on projected rental income.

This income is the amount expected to cover monthly mortgage payments and additional funds. Some lenders also set a minimum income requirement, usually around £25,000, although this varies.

At Manchestermoneyman, our experienced mortgage advisors in Manchester assist in finding the most suitable mortgage lender and deal for your buy to let plans.

Minimum Required Deposit 

A standard practice for buy to let mortgages in Manchester involves placing a deposit, typically 20-25% of the property value. A higher deposit reduces the risk for the lender, potentially offering access to better interest rates. High-risk purchases, like those with bad credit, might require an even higher deposit.

Credit Score 

Even with a low credit score or a history of bad loans, you might still be eligible for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester, albeit with limited lender options. Some lenders consider factors like the severity and reasons behind your bad credit, possibly requiring a larger deposit.

How do I apply for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester?

Before applying for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester, find a suitable property, then schedule a free mortgage appointment with an expert buy to let mortgage advisor. They confirm eligibility, identify the best deal, and provide an agreement in principle, allowing you to make an offer on the chosen property.

What type of buy to let mortgage in Manchester could I apply for?

Most buy to let mortgages in Manchester are interest-only, meaning you pay only interest monthly, reducing your monthly outgoings. The capital balance is typically settled by selling the property, remortgaging to a repayment mortgage, or setting up a repayment vehicle.

While interest-only mortgages are tax-efficient and popular for buy to let properties, you can also opt for repayment mortgages, paying both capital and interest monthly, leading to growing equity in your property.

How much can I borrow for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester?

Mortgage lenders stress-test your projected rental income, ensuring it exceeds your monthly payments by a certain amount. This safeguards against potential financial strains and is a crucial aspect of the buy to let mortgage process.

What documents are needed for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester?

When applying for a buy to let mortgage in Manchester, provide necessary documents, including proof of income, deposit, ID, address, bonuses, commissions, and P60. Self-employed applicants might need to provide SA302 tax returns, and existing landlords may need proof of rental income.

Are there any additional costs included with a buy to let in Manchester?

Buy to let mortgages involve various costs, including a deposit, mortgage arrangement fees, application and broker fees, monthly mortgage payments, valuation, product, and mortgage exit fees. Other potential costs include solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, and landlord insurance.

Manchestermoneyman can offer accurate advice on potential stamp duty rates. Early repayment fees (ERC) may apply if you decide to exit your buy to let mortgage early.

Can I remortgage a buy to let in Manchester?

Remortgaging a buy to let property in Manchester is common among landlords looking to release equity for further property purchases. Equity works differently for interest-only mortgages, with the balance and interest decreasing separately.

To pay the capital balance, remortgaging to a repayment mortgage is an option, increasing monthly payments but allowing simultaneous payment of capital and interest.

If I am a first time buyer, can I get a buy to let mortgage in Manchester?

While options may be limited, it’s possible for first time buyers in Manchester to get a buy to let mortgage. However, a higher deposit is usually required, and benefits like stamp duty exemptions for first time buyers may not apply.

Keep in mind that becoming a landlord can boost income before securing a residential mortgage for personal residence. Mortgage lenders will consider your second purchase, potentially affecting future affordability or borrowing limits.

Date Last Edited: January 24, 2024

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