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Mortgage Advisor in Manchester

When speaking to our customers, we often find that they are in need of guidance and support from a genuine and friendly Mortgage Broker in Manchester.

This can be for a variety of reasons, although we’ll always try and find a solution that can bring your mortgage wishes to life.

Tailored Mortgage Advice in Manchester – Frequently Discussed Topics:

  • Offers from banks are different than expected.
  • Lending criteria.
  • Existing credit.
  • Marital status – E.g. married buying in sole name, divorce, separation.
  • Starting a new job or recently changed employer.
  • Remortgage and capital raising.
  • Income mix – E.g. salary, dividend, benefits, drawings, net profit etc.
  • Employment status – E.g. contract, professional, self-employed, employed, business owner.
  • Buying from or with a family member.
  • Buying directly from your landlord.
  • Property type – E.g. non-standard construction, high rise flats, apartment block.
  • Renting out your current home.
  • You want to deal with your Mortgage Lender more directly.
  • Need faster access for more reliable appointments.
  • Maternity leave.

Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Manchester

If you require help from a Mortgage Broker in Manchester, get in touch and we’ll see how we can assist you in the pursuit for the home of your dreams.

Without having experienced Mortgage Advisors in Manchester to take you through every step, trying to figure out the mortgage criteria of various lenders can prove challenging.

Applying to various lenders can have a knock-on effect on your credit score, something which could be avoided by speaking to a Mortgage Broker in Manchester that can sift through hundreds of mortgage deals.

We recommend speaking to one of our advisors to discuss your options further – Worry not, our team will take care of you throughout the process, making it as stress-free and as simple as possible!

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Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Manchester

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