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By Malcolm Davidson & The Team at Manchestermoneyman

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Having Problems getting a Mortgage?

We find that many of our customers have approached their own high street bank for mortgage advice.  Usually they have been unable to help due to their lending criteria.  The main reasons being, credit score, the type of property being mortgaged, or simply they will not lend enough for your needs.

We’ve noticed that our clients’ lives are becoming more and more complicated and the high street banks struggle to accomodate this.  The demand for help with more complicated mortgage enquiries is certainly on the rise.

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Here are some of the situations we deal with on a daily basis:

  1. Bank won’t lend you enough
  2. Failed credit score at your bank
  3. You do not meet your banks lending criteria
  4. Remortgage and capital raising
  5. Your income makeup, i.e. salary, dividend, benefits, drawings, net profit etc
  6. Your employment status, i.e. contract, professional, self employed, employed, business owner
  7. The property type i.e. non-standard construction, high rise flats, apartment block
  8. Letting out your existing home to buy a new one – Let to Buy Mortgage Advice
  9. Mortgage Lender will not deal with you direct
  10. Can’t get an appointment with your bank quick enough
  11. Your existing credit commitments
  12. Marital status, i.e. married buying in sole name, divorce, separation
  13. Starting a new job or recently changed employer
  14. Self employed / Limited company status change
  15. Buying from or with a family member
  16. Buying from your landlord
  17. On Maternity leave
  18. Buying a property below market value
  19. Need a fast decision?
  20. Looking to remove a person from a mortgage
  21. Anything else …??

If your situation is not listed above then I’m sure it will be something that we have come across before.

Without the help of a Specialist Mortgage Broker, it can be a minefield trying to establish mortgage lending criteria and firing applications off left, right and centre will have a negative impact on your credit score which could well prevent you qualifying for any mortgage deal until it is rebuilt over time.

We have access to many specialist mortgage lenders who all have different mortgage criteria. It is our job to utilise our knowledge and experience to recommend the most suitable lender based on your personal situation – We aim to be RIGHT FIRST TIME !!

We’re not tied to Estate Agents…

Unlike a lot of other Mortgage Brokers, we’re not tied to Estate Agents so we only work with your best interests at heart.

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