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In order to proceed with buying a new family home, most homeowners will need to sell their current property. The equity from this property (the amount at which you sell the property for, minus the current mortgage balance) will be your deposit for this next purchase. You are able to top this up from savings or a family gift if you would like to do so.

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There is always that “magic number”, the lowest a seller is willing to go when it comes to accepting an offer on their property. The way a home is marketed and presented however, makes a big difference in terms of how quickly the property is sold.

Your asking price should always be within the realm of reality for the area your home is in. The estate agent will suggest the highest potential sale price, but this won’t always be the best option to go with.

Thanks to websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, making that initial “splash” onto the market is incredibly important. Your main goal is to generate as many property viewings as possible within the first 2 weeks. If your property gets no initial interest, chances are it’s been over-valued.

Helpful Things to Remember

We find that some potential sellers would rather identify a property that they’d like to buy first before they go ahead and sell their own. If this is you and you’re in need of a quicker sale, we have some helpful tips to hopefully increase your chances of selling your property.

Perception of Your Home

  • View the house as if you’re a first time viewer. It may seem difficult as it’s somewhere you already own, that you’re familiar with. If it looks good though when arriving on the scene and when entering, chances are it’ll leave a good impression in the eyes of the viewer.

Cleaning The Exterior

  • Tidying up the outside always helps too. Jet-washed driveway, nice and neat lawn, those are the sorts of things that will resonate with a potential buyer. They’ll know you’ve looked after the home they’re possibly about to make an offer on. With the outside looking nice, they’ll also be optimistic about the inside too. As the old saying goes, you never get a first chance to make a good impression.
  • Remove anything that seems to be cluttering the front of the property. Things like children’s bikes, toys and so on can make it seem messy. Clean the locks and handles on your front door and ensure the doorbell (if there is one) works correctly. Even treat yourself to a brand new doormat.

Cleaning The Interior

  • Check each room in the property, kitchens and bathrooms especially. Ensure you have neatly stacked cupboards and wardrobes, clutter-free and smelling nice. If you are a smoker, give the room a good airing before the potential home buyer arrives. If something has a smoky smell to it, remove it from the property for the time being.
  • Your interior doors should all be freshly painted. Polish any brass fixtures and make sure all doors open and close with ease, no broken locks and so on.
  • Your bathroom should look spotless. Put away anything that doesn’t need to be out, like cosmetics and items that aren’t being used daily. Co-ordinate your towels and flannels so nothing is mismatched. Don’t leave any clothes out on the floor either.
  • Wash all curtains and blinds, wipe your walls, clean your windows and floors. Make sure any repairs that need doing are already done and your bedding is clean.
  • Clear out any garage space so that it looks like a car could be parked there, if necessary.

Ensuring The Viewer Feels Comfortable

  • Something you want to achieve when they’re viewing the property is to give off a sense of relaxation and belonging. It needs to feel like it could be their home. Having pets or young children running around whilst they try to look could be off-putting. That said, if it’s a family home you’re selling, then keeping up things like family pictures and paintings can help, as they’ll envisage bringing up their own family their one day too.
  • Don’t crowd your viewer(s). Let them walk around the property on their own if appropriate. This gives them an opportunity to discuss amongst themselves if necessary.
  • Make sure your home is well-lit, with lights turned on in any darker rooms. Leave all curtains and blinds open too. It needs to feel inviting and warm.
  • You may hear claims of making sure it “smells like baking bread”. This is old fashioned and doesn’t work as well as people seem to think. Ensure there are no lingering smells from the kitchen at all. Also, cut back and prune any large interior plants that block out the light.
  • Plain painted walls and new carpets can resonate with a potential buyer, leaving them to see it as a blank canvas and somewhere that’s been looked after.

Making Your Garden Presentable

  • A general clean up always helps, removing all rubbish. The viewer may very well fancy a look inside your shed to see what size it is, so don’t just throw everything in there. Ideally, it should look neat and tidy.
  • Cut your lawn and remove grass clippings, weed the paths/walkways and replace any dead plants.
  • Make sure the slats in any fences are in place and are nicely painted or creosoted (treated wood).
  • Tidy up anything that’s outdoors, such as barbecues. These don’t need to be hidden away though as people like to see colourful gardens as opposed to empty ones. If it’s the season for it, flowering plants always add to the aura of a garden.

In Summary

People buy from people, so always go at it with the notion that you yourself are the viewer. If it appeals to you, it’ll appeal to someone else. No doubt you’ll be very pleased with yourself and be passionate about your home, showing it off in its best light.

This even includes mentioning small issues you’ve had before, such as broken leaks that you’ve since fixed. It presents a balanced view. Estate agents, of course, want to earn a commission, but compared to you, they have limited knowledge of the property.

Finally, remember the emotions attached to a home and the process of buying one. If you have a family, it’s helpful to accentuate that it’s been a happy home with many memories. This is sure to rub off on viewers if they are thinking of raising a family too.

If you need any other tips or tricks in regard to this or need to speak with an advisor, get in touch and we’ll see how we can get you out.

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